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Owner Ruth Steinberg encourages children in their love of gardening and the outdoors. 
Now in the time of Covid and home isolation, we have expanded our reach and have included a more comprehensive approach to our teaching. 
Little Saplings has been teaching nature crafting along with certain specialty curricula adapting lessons content to work in the outdoor setting. We have been teaching children to build skills while gardening. Woodwork, sewing, weaving, ceramic and other creative pathways.

Ruth teaches privately creating gardens for your children in your own homes as well as in group session at preschools. Little Saplings also teaches in day camps and school enrichment programs.  

Gardening with Children

Imagine a garden that blooms from your child's imagination.

Little Saplings works with small hands to create backyard gardens that flourish and grow. Dream a garden with your child and together we will help to make those dreams come true!

Birthday Party entertainment:

A birthday is so memorable especially for the little ones!  Little Saplings is most known for our fun-filled exciting birthday parties. We will spend an enchanting couple of hours having story time, gardening and becoming scientists with our magnifying glasses. An essential component of the 'experience' is our big bin of slimy worms!

We will help to create lasting memories and enchanting wonderful miniature gardens to take home! We keep the children totally immersed in nature and gardening heaven. Little Saplings will bring the party to your home or we will celebrate with you at a public venue. We will happily discuss design and suggest some working options that can help enhance the experience.

Little Saplings has been working with event planners creating custom events according to individual event themes. We have worked with the Abbot Kinney festival, school fundraising picnics and private charity Christmas parties. We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating your child's party or celebrating your custom private events.